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DuCUG 2021-1

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VDI Drones

VDI Drones is a performance/stress test system, which differs with other products in this area that  [ ... ]

News of 24 June 2021

Windows Logon Optimizations Part 5 and Review ControlUp Edge DX.

News of 13 July 2021

FSLogix 2105 GA, Citrix Previews: PVS on Azure/Image Portability Service and vulnerability CVAD.

News of 12 May 2021

Citrix Workspace App vulnerability and Citrix WEM multi-session optimization results.

Citrix has announced that all supported Citrix Workspace App versions have a vulnerability that could result local user escalating their privilege level to system if the software is installed with administrator rights. Citrix Workspace App 2105 or Citrix Workspace App 1912 LTSR CU4 should be used to resolve the vulnerability.

Within Citrix Workspace Environment Manager (WEM) a multi-session optimization mode is available. In the article Citrix WEM optimization multi-session OS Machines Sjoerd van den Nieuwenhof is showing the results of this feature.