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Quick Post: Determine VDI datacenter location and ...

For one of my customers we were optimizing actions, configurations and connections between the datac [ ... ]

News of 11 August 2020

Automated Configuration Tool, MSIX AppAttach Launch Times and Migrating CVAD from vSphere to MS Azur [ ... ]

News of 12 August 2020

VMware Horizon 8.0 released, Citrix Global App Configuration Service and IWC 2020 released.

News of 7 August 2020

VMware Horizon 8 announced, Ultimate Guide to Windows 10 Logon Time optimizations and Implementation [ ... ]

News of 15 August 2012

 VDI/TS not more secure part 5 and Citrix VDI-In-Box Scaling.



The final part of Shawn Bass articles series VDI and TS are not more secure than physical desktops is published. In this part he described how TS and VDI still can be affected and the impact of the specific VDI typologies.





Frank Anderson published an article about Reference Architecture Scaling of VDI-in-a-Box describing the set-up, the performed test and the test results.