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The Challenges of running Citrix Linux VDAs

It does not look that long however the first version of the Linux VDA is already released almost six [ ... ]

News of 22 February 2021

SAML authentication for Horizon and AZ-140 Study Guide WVD on MS Azure

News of 30 March 2021

Azure Monitor for WVD and Part 2 DaaS Mistakes

News of 11 February 2021

State of EUC 2021 Survey and Automate Conversion from App-V to MSIX.

News of 15 October 2020

Citrix WEM Cache Explained and MS meets Community WVD sessions available.

James Kindon published an in-depth article about Citrix Workspace Environment Manager (WEM) cache.

A few weeks ago Microsoft Meetings Community: Windows Virtual Desktop event was held. Now all sessions of the MS Meetings Community: WVD are now available to watch by everyone.