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DuCUG 2022-1

As all COVID restrictions are lifted in the Netherlands we as the DuCUG Steering Committee could fin [ ... ]

E2E VC Berlin 2022 Day 2

After the sessions on the first day we had a dinner together at the event location and after that I  [ ... ]

E2E VC Berlin 2022 Day 1

From Friday the 10th of June till Sunday the 12th of June E2EVC Berlin was taken place. My first in- [ ... ]

News of 14 June 2022

RD Analyzer 2205, vExpert 2022 H2 and Corel acquires Awingu.

News of 19 July 2021

VMware Horizon 2106 released, First look(s) at Windows 365, Citrix MSC and Azure Ephemeral Disks and Citrix ADC vulnerabilities.

VMware released VMware Horizon 2106 with several enhancements mentioned in what’s new.

Several people are looking at Windows 365. For example Introducing Windows 365 by Marius Sandbu and Windows 365: the vision for delivering a CloudPC by Rory Monaghan.  

James Kindon is sharing his experience (including performance tests) around Citrix MCS and Azure Ephemeral Disks.

Citrix mentioned a couple of vulnerabilities within Citrix ADC which are already fixes in the just released new firmware.