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News of 30 March 2021

Azure Monitor for WVD and Part 2 DaaS Mistakes

VDI Drones

VDI Drones is a performance/stress test system, which differs with other products in this area that  [ ... ]

News of 6 April 2021

Manage WVD with MS Endpoint Manager, enroll smartcard certificates on a Yubikey over an HDX session, [ ... ]

News of 12 May 2021

Citrix Workspace App vulnerability and Citrix WEM multi-session optimization results.

News of 2 November 2020

Citrix Workspace App 2010, Restoring StoreFront Green Bubbles and Storage Performance Tester.

Citrix released the Citrix Workspace App 2010 for Linux and Citrix Workspace App 2010 for Windows.

A pretty specific use case but if wanted Leee Jeffries published an article about restoring StoreFront Green Bubbles for legacy Thin Clients.

VMware Labs has released a new Fling – Storage Performance Tester.