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DuCUG 2021-1

Almost two years ago we held our last in-person DuCUG event and around 1 ½ year ago we needed to po [ ... ]

VDI Drones

VDI Drones is a performance/stress test system, which differs with other products in this area that  [ ... ]

News of 24 June 2021

Windows Logon Optimizations Part 5 and Review ControlUp Edge DX.

News of 13 July 2021

FSLogix 2105 GA, Citrix Previews: PVS on Azure/Image Portability Service and vulnerability CVAD.

News of 20 October 2021

Dynamic Citrix ICA file interception and How to get started with Windows 365

Carlo Costanzo released a new freeware tool called ICAceptor for dynamically Citrix ICA file interception.

In the article Windows 365 – How to get started Martin Therkelsen is guiding through the initial setup of Microsoft Windows 365.