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The Challenges of running Citrix Linux VDAs

It does not look that long however the first version of the Linux VDA is already released almost six [ ... ]

News of 26 January 2021

RDP DDoS amplification attack and Citrix Cloud /w AWS Dedicated Hosts

News of 2 February 2021

Citrix Secure Browser Review, Citrix Workspace app 2102 for Windows and W2016 Deduplication on FSLog [ ... ]

News of 22 February 2021

SAML authentication for Horizon and AZ-140 Study Guide WVD on MS Azure

News of 23 June 2021

Citrix ADC 101 Fundamentals, Shared Mailboxes within VDIs and Citrix Hypervisor vulnerabilities.

Manual Winkel published a nice article about Citrix ADC 101 Fundamentals for people to get familiar with the Citrix ADC product.

In the article adding shared mailboxes in Online (non-cached) mode James Rankin discusses the challenges around Exchange caching Mode within (pooled/non-persistent) VDIs.

Citrix reported two vulnerabilities within Citrix Hypervisor 8.2 LTSR.