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News of 4 December 2019

Page File sizing tests and Citrix enhancements on the AWS platform.

News of 3 December 2019

Citrix Workspace App 1911 released, Citrix VDA version breakdown and What’s new Citrix Workspace

News of 9 December 2019

MSIX App Attach script, RD Analyzer 1911 and progress of Nutanix Xi Frame.

News of 11 December 2019

Parallels RAS /w MS Azure, Citrix Workspace App 1921 for Mac and Citrix Workspace Authentication usi [ ... ]

News of 25 July 2019

Citrix Cloud with FAS/Azure AD, Citrix Cloud with on-prem NetScaler idP and TeamRGE Event videos.

In the article Citrix Cloud, Citrix Workspace experience and Federated Authentication Service with Azure AD Wendy Gay describes the configuration of using Citrix FAS with Citrix Cloud.

Daniel Feller describes the authentication steps using the Citrix Cloud where authentication takes place on a on-premises NetScaler acting as idP.

The videos of the TeamRGE Event 2019 presentations are now available.