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News of 26 January 2022

Why do Daas – Security and Analyze/Optimize Logon Duration

News of 9 December 2021

Creating VMware Horizon Desktop Pools with PowerShell and AVD Deployment DR considerations.

News of 29 November 2021

Deploy AVD with Terraform and Ultimate guide to Windows logon time optimizations

News of 31 January 2022

Citrix acquired to go private and Teams Optimization in Citrix Workspace app for HTML5.

News of 28 January 2022

Install Teams/OneDrive in Citrix updates, GPU workload in the Cloud and Windows Custom Defaults.

Manuel Winkel updated his article Install Teams & OneDrive in Citrix (Machine-Based) with the latest requirements and features.

In the article Can I run my GPU workload in the Cloud Marius Sandbu is describing the current possibilities and challenges for running GPU workload at a Cloud Provider.

It looks like I missed this one earlier, but with a several new updates it’s definite worth mentioning Aaron Parker’s Windows Custom Defaults. Windows Customised Defaults is a solution for customizing a Windows image to change the settings from the Microsoft defaults to something more enterprise ready.