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Using a webcam within a Citrix session

With the COVID-19 crisis the use of video meeting “products” became even more important than it  [ ... ]

News of 5 June 2020

Citrix CVAD MTU Discovery and Basics of VMware Horizon Part 5.

News of 19 June 2029

UberAgent explored, Basics of VMware Horizon 7.12 and Remote Control WVD sessions

News of 7 July 2020

Windows 10 Optimization/customization, Citrix ADC/Gateway vulnerabilities and Browser Performance Im [ ... ]

News of 3 Februar 2020

Citrix FAS notes from the field and Citrix Federated Authentication Service TP documentation.

Julian Mooren shared his eexperiences installing and configuration Citrix FAS. See also my earlier published tips and tricks around Citrix FAS for even more info.

The Citrix Federated Authentication Service is still Tech Preview, however Citrix published the documentation for Citrix Federated Authentication Service.