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The Challenges of running Citrix Linux VDAs

It does not look that long however the first version of the Linux VDA is already released almost six [ ... ]

News of 26 January 2021

RDP DDoS amplification attack and Citrix Cloud /w AWS Dedicated Hosts

News of 2 February 2021

Citrix Secure Browser Review, Citrix Workspace app 2102 for Windows and W2016 Deduplication on FSLog [ ... ]

News of 22 February 2021

SAML authentication for Horizon and AZ-140 Study Guide WVD on MS Azure

News of 31 May 2021

What’s new WEM service may 2021 and per user FW rules with Citrix WEM

The Workspace Environment Management Service is updated. See the What’s New May 2021 Citrix WEM service for all enhancements.

In the article Conquering Per User Firewall Rules with Citrix WEM Privilege Elevation James Kindon is explaining how he arranged per user firewall rules using Citrix WEM.