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DuCUG 2021-1

Almost two years ago we held our last in-person DuCUG event and around 1 ½ year ago we needed to po [ ... ]

VDI Drones

VDI Drones is a performance/stress test system, which differs with other products in this area that  [ ... ]

News of 24 June 2021

Windows Logon Optimizations Part 5 and Review ControlUp Edge DX.

News of 13 July 2021

FSLogix 2105 GA, Citrix Previews: PVS on Azure/Image Portability Service and vulnerability CVAD.

News of 6 October 2021

Create and deploy custom W11 image /w Cloud PC, VMworld 2021 announcements, Citrix W11 day 1 support and Citrix Browser Content Redirection deep-dive.

In the article How to create and deploy a Windows 11 custom image with Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PC Robin Hobo is explaining how to enable Windows 11 in MS CloudPC.

VMworld 2021 has started. Marius Sandbu is written down a nice summary of VMworld 2021 announcements. Also Shawn Bass has written a recap of the anywhere workspace and end-user computing announcement and keynote session.

Citrix announced one day support of Windows 11 for both Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Workspace App.

George Spiers has written down in detail everything around the Citrix Browser Content Redirection feature within CVAD.